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Microsoft MapPoint 2013 Europe
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Microsoft MapPoint 2013 Europe is user-friendly software, which was developed for a very easy geographic location mapping. Due to the very easy to use data mapping instruments, users can create highly informative maps. Traveling around the world, you can use trip-planning mapping features to make routes and improve stops. You can also plan your trip on your PC and then download your route to a GPS device.

The new edition received many improvements and modifications. The list of features and options is the following one:

• Updated geographic data which includes street-level maps for western European countries.
• Very simple and intuitive instruments for data mapping and trip planning.
• The app allows exchanging performance maps to easily visualize, analyze and discuss performance.
• MapPoint contains images from the earlier versions of the program.
• The app allows combining commercial data with demographics to look for potential clients and target business decisions.
• Users can paste the maps into the project that you do in Microsoft office and create custom solutions and office additions.

One of the most interesting features is Route Finding. It is necessary to admit that the software comes with a powerful database and an ample quantity of routing options. Users can operate the software via the programming interface. Due to this capability, the app allows implementing more and more complex features. One of the simplest examples is an opportunity to print a map which shows unique route for every customer.

Besides, MapPoint helps users find route distances and trip times between many locations as well as calculating estimated costs.

The software is also used to track an attached GPS unit, which, in its turn, is used for interactive online routing.
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