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Microsoft MapPoint 2010 Europe
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Microsoft MapPoint 2010 Europe is a specific software for map application, editing, reviewing and integration. The software is specifically created for business and is added with business analytic tools. It is easy to use and read. The maps contain additional information and the latest reports on the demographics of the intended area. It combines a technology for strategic business planning and software facilitating demographic and geographic visualization of data.

What is in the kit with Microsoft MapPoint 2010 Europe?

• The software contains a complete collections of Europe maps with demographic data integrated – the software gets constantly updated, so you will be able to work with the latest maps
• Tools for map customization – with this feature you will easily choose a view whether you want to see cities, roads, parks and other integrated infrastructures of the locations
• Data mapping is an essential feature for integration and data visualization to make your research more readable and data more understandable
• GPS integration – you can construct a new route and send it to your GPS device to try the route out in real life conditions. This option is essential for logistic companies and carriers
• Programming – you can build add-ons and use them in standard Office documents as well as extract data to use in Excel reports
• Set locations and territories – this Microsoft MapPoint 2010 Europe release is a valid assistant to build and investigate areas for transportation, delivery and sales.
• Extreme customization – you can set any type of data to your map to make a necessary report

Why you need Microsoft MapPoint 2010 Europe?

Many users wonder why to get the software from Microsoft as any search system offers free online maps with the most up to date data and advanced GPS functioning. The Microsoft MapPoint was discontinued in 2014 as Microsoft did not have essential reasons to go on the development of the product. Today the official landing page of the product offers users to try alternatives as online maps. But still many users are tending to get exactly the Microsoft MapPoint 2010 Europe copy. Why?

Though online maps offer extensive data available online still there are no tools which will compile all the data as exactly and clearly as Microsoft MapPoint 2010 Europe does for you. The ease of data readability is the greatest advantage of the products.

As the product is discontinued, so you will not be able to buy Microsoft MapPoint 2010 Europe from official resellers. Still you can buy the OEM version of Microsoft MapPoint 2010 Europe which is the same official and high quality of the initial product but which comes without the box and disk. Right after you buy the product you get a link to download Microsoft MapPoint 2010 Europe. To ensure availability of the program the link will remain active and you will be able to reinstall the software.
Still Microsoft goes on supporting the product. On the official support page of the product you will find tutorials and FAQs on how to set and use Microsoft MapPoint 2010 Europe.


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