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Maxon Cinema 4D Studio R16
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All filmmakers will definitely appreciate Cinema 4 D R16 by Maxon. Though this release is not the latest one, it is worth a long look. It was coupled with the integration into Adobe After Effects and this combination offered users a plethora of useful tools.

This version is a true 3Dstand-alone application, which can give users the realistic reflections. This release acquired new features that influenced the workflow of filmmakers.

The most significant update is the introduction of the Reflectance Channel. This great feature allows users to create amazing materials. Besides, it comprises 16 reflection layers. The channel allows users to layer the reflections and customize them according to the user’s desire. With the help of the improved Layer Mask, you can mask out some of your reflections.

The next tool, which requires attention, is the Built-In 3D Motion Tracker. This option is easy to use because motion tracking can be done in two steps: the 2D track and 3D reconstruction. During the first step, you create markers on the 2D footage and during the second step you build a 3D reconstruction.

This release comprises a number of tools for masking footage elements, including or excluding tracking points and adjusting the material. If to believe a number of customer’s testimonials, all these options are super.

Modelers will definitely appreciate the new Polygon Pen Tool. This is probably the main reason why you should upgrade to this version. Using this tool, users can easily paint geometry on a model in a 3D space. Now, the modeling process is faster.
The new Cog Wheel Spline is one more advanced enhancement that must be mentioned. With the help of this tool, you will have an interacting Cog Wheel System with metallic properties in a matter of seconds.

The presets library was also changed in this version. It was updated and several new presets were added. Using these presets, you can comply with the demands of your customers faster.

Besides, updating to this release, you may not care about the compatibility with your operating system. This version can be installed on either Windows or MAC.

Cinema 4D R 16 is an excellent application, focused on the needs of filmmakers. They will find here lots of useful tools, able to simplify their working process and vary it. Regardless of the fact that this version is not the latest one, it is still in great request among the users.

What customers say

Juan, US
I bought CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7. Of course, compared to the previous version, it several times faster. There are no more a foolish mistake and brakes that existed earlier. Respect for the price and speed of work.
Amelia, US
My company cares about the quality of products we produce. However, we prefer not to overpay. fully satisfied my requirements. I bought OEM software here and I didn’t' regret my choice.
Nicole , GB
As soon as I realized that the price of OEM software is really lower, I started buying all programs I needed only in OEM versions. The first purchase I made in this software store. Guys, thanks a lot for your patience! You explained me the process of installation in details. I wish you good luck and more clients!