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Adobe Illustrator CC 2014
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Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 is the unbeatable leader among vector drawing instruments. Due to the very convenient features like Live Shapes and Pen instrument, the application became easier to use than ever before.
As in all previous releases, the software received an ample quantity of new options and features in this version.
However, the developers made a major accent on the enhancement of already existing features. The major improvements were made to the pen instrument and the manner the application works with paths in general and including closing paths.
Anchor points also became much easier to operate than it was before. Now they allow adjusting and operating each line segment much quicker. The change in the list of improvements refers to the possibility of the Illustrator to add missing fonts in the automatic mode directly from the Typekit.
Among the features that were added, we can mention the Live Corners, TypeKit and Path Segment Re-Shape.
During the previous years, Adobe specialists worked hard to make their products work in tight conjunction. This refers to the connection of the tablet-based applications and special instruments like a website development instrument Adobe Muse.
Customers can use the Creative Cloud like the main hub which allows installing apps, sharing files and receiving access to different resources including various types of tutorials. This version of Illustrator reflects the major changes towards much serious integration. The software is a starting point for various projects through different disciplines.
The next feature which received serious improvements is Live Shapes. In the current version, rectangles have much quicker modified corners that include independent radius control for every corner. If you scale or rotate a rectangle, the corner attributes retain and the application learns data about the previous settings. Besides, you can easily get back to them at any moment. It is a very inconspicuous improvement, but it makes life much easier when drafting mockups.
The main improvement of the pencil instrument is the possibility to see the preview of the path, which you are drawing before you will switch to another element.
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